Absalom is a play & earn gaming guild led by PopRevolt, consisting of a highly competitive community of passionate gamers who specialize in web3 pvp games. Comprised of only the most active and engaged players, the guild is dedicated to excellence in guild brawls and consistently places among the top competitors. With a focus on collaboration, strategy, and investment discussion, Absalom is the premiere destination for hardcore gamers and savvy investors alike. 

Recruitment is currently OPEN. Join us or die - No casuals allowed!

Level 10 Guild Hall

20% RP Bonus

10% Shop Discount

Level 7 Arena

Tier 4 Brawls

5.5x Rewards

Level 7 Barracks

Home Team Advantage

Gold Level Gladiator Cards

Banish 2 Enemy Card in Home Battles

+1 Mana Cap

Level 8 Store

+140% Merit Bonus

Blood stones

Power stones